Frequently asked questions

Do you need a Part 107 Certificate to fly commercially?

Short answer, Yes

Can you map or do photogrammetry with a drone?

Yes, I have the drones and software to digitally stitch pictures into a 2D or 3D map.

Can you do inside real estate photos or videos?

Yes, I have cameras and gear and for into photos or videos.

How far from Minot will you travel?

I will travel up to a 50 miles radius of Minot, will travel farther for an additional cost.

Can you do ground photography?

Yes, I have ground cameras and one that will take up to 82MP photo for large prints.

How much do you charge?

Price varies per job.  Please contact me and I will gladly work with you on a price.

How high can you fly your drone or UAS?

In uncontrolled airspace (Class G) up to 400 ft or, 400 ft within and over the top of buildings or towers.  Controlled airspace is FAA controlled and varies from 0 to 400 ft.

Can you fly your drone or UAS in bad weather?

That depends, three statue miles of visibility is needed. Wind, rain, thunderstorms, fog and very cold weather can all ground a flight.